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New Karen Millen Jp017 $380 Wool Blend Tweed Peplum Military Jacket~ 10 14 42

$ 110.75
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PLEASE REVIEW MY 12,500+ FEEDBACK AND BID WITH CONFIDENCE. PLEASE KNOW THAT RETURNS ARE HAPPILY ACCEPTED TO MAKE YOUR SHOPPING EXPERIENCE A LITTLE EASIERFEATURES I'm So Excited to Introduce Karen Millen to my Store. She's Just Opened a Retail Location here in Vegas and I Adore Her! Please Check Back Often for New Styles~18" Underarm to Underarm~21" Shoulder to Hem~21" Shoulder to Cuff~Medium Weight Wool BlendBlack & Neutral Tweed Pattern"Karen Millen" Branded HardwareMilitary StylingPeplum HemFront Ruffle PocketsShoulder EpaulettesFully LinedMade in TurkeyCondition: New with Tags Color: BlackWhat is Included: Coat & TagsI AM IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH KAREN MILLEN OR ANY OF ITS AFFILIATES. I AM JUST AN AVID SHOPPER AND A HUGE FAN  Shipping We Ship 6 Days a Week. Shipping is Free Within the U.S.  We COMBINE Shipping for Our International Customers. Please Add Your Items to Your SHOPPING CART and THEN Checkout to Receive our Combined Shipping Discount.  Terms of Sale We Know That Buying Online Can be Difficult and As Such we Happily Accept Returns with NO Questions Asked Within 30 Days of Purchase. Please Contact me Via Ebay Messaging so that I May Prepare for Your Return.    About Us  We want to to Make your Online Shopping Experience a Positive One.  Please Know that we Personally Guarantee that Every Item we Sell is 100% Authentic by Shopping Directly and Personally at the Retail Brand Store. We Take Our Own Photographs of Every Item we Offer and Strive to Show and Describe as Much Detail as Possible within the Listing to Assist you in your Purchase Decision.  We Also Happily Offer COPIES of Original Store Receipts Upon Request. Just Leave a Note at Checkout.    Contact Us   We Are Available 7 Days a Week to Answer Any Questions or Concerns You May Have. Please Contact me Via Ebay Messaging and We Will Respond at Our Earliest Convenience.

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